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Responsive Web Design

A Web Application program is stored in remote server and delivered to the Internet from end to end a browser interface users.

Web Applications solutions are browser based that help users do specific things immediately. We are living in a time, when applications are replacing the websites and giving website a completely new manner. Take a look at the browsers app stores and you will realize how companies are focusing on Web Based Application to meet users interface growing demands. Web apps can serve a range of purposes from posting social media updates to maintain a to-do list of all the important activities.

Ingenious Technologies is your one stop terminus for all web application development requirements. With the help of our wounding edge service you can streamline your work process and maximize growth. We have a large team of experienced application developers and they are well versed in current hottest technologies.

Designing and developing a website for a perfect web launch is just a start, however keeping it up and running properly is not an easy work. Every website needs constant updates and additions to keep it more attractive and to growth potential lead generation. Being one of the fastest developing website design company in India. Ingenious Technologies understands this and offers professional website maintenance to help our clients stay on top on their positions.

Website maintenance (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) such as Google likes websites that maintain an error free websites with constant addition of new pages and fresh contents. We are professional Website Maintenance Company will keep your website without error and help you add more contents, blogs and graphical enhancements to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positions. If any error or bug occurs in website, it will affect your SEO results as Search Engine Optimization will not rank a website with harmful bugs, in fact your website may be in spam which situation could leave your business crumbling. However a professional Website maintenance company will constantly check your websites for errors, bugs, ensure your website is safe and attractive. so it gets more and more clients through Search Engines Optimization (SEO).

Advantages of Our Services:

Website Designing support services at Ingenious Technologies is more than just fixing bugs, as we also provide Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Rank preservation, Content writing services, Blog Creating with many other packages to help your website stay on top. Our Search Engines Optimization (SEO) team will provide regular connection building and other content writing services to help your website maintenance its ranking and get greater potential leads than your competitors. Our Senior Developers will constantly check your website statistics. To ensure your website is attractive and safe to use.

Our Team goes far beyond simple web application development. We provide:
• E-commerce Websites
• Content Management
• Web Application Development

We Develop Custom Web Applications in frameworks:
• .NET
• Java